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Your Career Path

Reflect on yourself
We help you to get clarity on what an ideal career path for you might look like.
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Decide for a Career
We help you find the career that fits your personality and offers the most chances for your future.
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Join the right education
Together, we search the education that best fits your capacities.
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Start Working
Finally, we equip you with what you need to find your first job and get started with your career
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Our Services

Running a school, hostel or youth centers?

We have developed effective workshops and training to guide both your youths and teams

1-8 days Career Guidance Workshop

The best fit for youths who have never been exposed to any structured career or educational counselling.

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Develop Career Helpers
Ensure that your organization has a qualified guide to help support your youths.
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Your Tailormade Solution

Your Youth have special needs. We are happy to develop a tailor-made program for your organization based on the services we have.

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Our Expertise

Our research shows that youths in Nepal are unaware about both their education as well as career prospects. Through our 7 years of experience in this field, we aim to inform, advice and counsel youths to recognise their right career path. Starting from 'Vision Mapping' to 'Education System of Nepal' to 'Entering into the labour market'.

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