[:en]+2 Didn’t Work Out for You? 4 Things to Do Next[:]


This year, 2074, the National Examination Board announced that 1,33,329 students passed the 12th grade while more than 50 percent students got an ‘F’. For many that mean students cannot continue their Bachelor level the same year. Along with that, both groups of students are asking what to do next?... Failing in an exam doesn’t mean that your dreams are broken or it is the end of the world for you.There are a lot of opportunities which you may not have realized yet. This article is for those students who were not able to pass their 12 grade. We would like you to be open to various options considering your situation.

If you are failed in the exams reappearing is the major things you would do.  But, before filling the form for re-examination think about YOU and your personality, interest, aptitude. Answer some self-reflective questions, what type of students are you?  What are the reasons for not doing so well this time?... What do you like to be in future? How might reappearing be important to accomplish your dream? … If you don’t have answers to the above questions, go to your teacher, whom you can interact openly and inquire.

But in other cases, If you think you are not the academically sounds students and you are certain that you will repeat the similar result, you have other options too.

  1. Vocational Training

Vocational training is the short (160 hours) and long-term (390 hours or over a year) both type of professional training for the particular field. The benefit of Vocational training is that it provides relatively easy access to the job market. Generally, one can work in Agriculture, Art and Creativity, Engineering, Hospitality, Building and Construction's jobs sectors with vocational training. What you have to do is to find out your personality, are you interested to work in above sectors, are you practical person, do you want to have a job as soon as possible in those fields. If you think so, the first option might be the best fit you.

2. Internship

CDN 3rd advice to students who can’t pass 12-grade exams is an internship. The internship is the less paid or unpaid work to have an experience in particular fields that you are interested in. This is a practical way of learning to be more confident in the respective field. Through the internship, you can get experience to explore your ideas and develop confidence in your abilities. This also helps you to enlarge your personal network to get a job in near future. If you are still confused about which career to choose, then an internship is one of the options to know in details. On the other hand, if you have taken certain training in the particular field, want to expand your knowledge in the respective area to start own business then doing an internship is perfect for you.

3. Job

4th option for those students whose financial condition is quite low, earning money is the highest concern than looking for a job is best for you. If you like to spend certain hours for work, you like to spend left time with family and friends then search the job in the market. At present, there are various higher paying jobs that only required minimum education, under +2., you have to work under the supervisor in the junior position but you get the money on hands. This link will give you detail information about Nepali job market. https://jobedudb.careerdishanepal.org/   Most of the junior positions jobs’ natures are applied rather than playful, that means most of the time you have to follow the existing structure and established methods of doing things. For an instant, receptionist, printer, data entry, salesperson to name a few.

4. Technical Diploma

If you think that your chosen subject in +2 was wrong, you preferred subjects are available in technical Diploma than go for it. A Technical Diploma course is equivalent to +2 levels. Generally, technical diploma programs take between 2 and 3 years to complete. One can begin a technical diploma after completing SEE (Secondary Education Examination). Technical Diplomas are useful for those interested in very specific subjects, like Civil Engineering, Nursing, or Architecture.

We believe that no jobs are small, your best performance in the area you have chosen is important to be a success. Follow above advice and realize what advice fits you better. Even if you are still confused then CDN is always here for you.