+2 Results Out

The most popular examination that decides your future regarding your academic life- +2’s result was out on the 30th of August 2017. The students have been waiting for their result for about 4 months. For some, it came as a relief and for some as a grief. More accurately, 48.17 percent students made their way successfully while the rest did not.

Comparatively, in the last two years, the students passing their +2 in Management, Humanities and Education faculty has been flexible. As in the year 2072, 30.99 percent of students succeeded and in 2073, 48.17 percent students are succeeded.

We empathize with the students that could not make through. However, we understand that this trend has been fluctuation in the last three years, and it could be due to various reasons. One of the most basic reasons that we have found (for this trend) is the lack of interest and passion for the subject.

Considering this fact, it is beneficial if the students give it a hard thought about moving forward with their educational career. Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I see a career option after completing this subject that I am passionate about?
  • Do I think that I am incapable compete in the labour market for the jobs that are available for this education?

These questions are consequential more than ever for not only those who did not make it through their +2 but also for those who did.

Now, 13, 3329 students are in search of stepping toward their future career.  Which subject to go and which college to continue further study? To those students, CDN education and career database, https://jobedudb.careerdishanepal.org/ will be crucial.