Benefits of On-line Assessment

‘The exploration of internal talent is the chief aim of education’.

Every individual is different from one to the next. The thought process, ability, personality are distinctive to every individual. Every person is somewhat born and brought up with some unique abilities. In place of giving priorities to the abilities that are innate in them, Nepali youth are almost forced to be ‘educated’ in a talent supressing environment. It is most unfortunate that students give way for their parents’, societies’ wants and needs while rejecting their own interests and passion. One of the reasons for this position is the limited financial support and increasing personal/family issues. Above that, majority of cases are those where the students are unaware of their abilities, inadequacies as well as their passion thus inevitably are left stranded.


We aim to provide a direction for all those youth who are uncertain about their inner passion, have limited knowledge about the educational fields as well as the career path they should choose so that it is advantageous for them in the near future. It is all possible with a research that has been computerized into an Online Test that helps the youth recognize his/her underlying capabilities. This Online Test analyses the simple yet sophisticated answers provided by the students to give various calculation that will finally display suitable career path for students and their vital educational requirements. This is possible as we have a data base of 350+ professions and more than 1000 educational institutes including various vocational institutes and numerous training centres. This technology was initially developed in various European nations run by their respective governing body. We have adapted that system from the scratch to suit our Nepali students, out-of-school and youth as a whole through the information provided by 3000+ experts across Nepal.


After the completion of this assessment, students will receive an extensive list of educational possibilities across Nepal for each of the compatible profession that was analysed. Furthermore, the student will also receive a wide range of specialized information regarding the difficulties, opportunities and perimeter of the career sector he/she is well-suited with. This computer based assessment creates an environment which we hope will be a guided-direction for their otherwise drifting career paths.

Result of Market Survey

In the summer of 2015, 50 parents from around Bhaktapur were surveyed via a questionnaire that listed questions ranging from their education to the likelihood of them wanting their child to study in Nepal. By a vast majority, it was evident that parents regardless of where they lived (City or Village) or their level of education, that they were unaware of Career Coaching. However, it was overwhelming to see that over 84% of the parents were interested to have their children attend career counseling.

It does not take a lot for us to understand that most parents are worried about their children’s uncertain future. This was more popular amongst the parents whose highest education was Bachelors. At the same time it too was analyzed that parents with 2 or more children too were more “highly interested” than “interested”. Also, it was found that people preferred school as their number one most influencing source of information, be it about jobs or recommendation for educational institutes etc.

It was encouraging to see that all parents informed us that they provide freedom for their children and at the same time over 60% of the parents would regard the job recommended by the assessment earnestly.