[:en]CDN in Web Summit Lisbon, Portugal [:]


Career Disha Nepal participated in the Web Summit, 2016 at Lisbon, Portugal. The world’s largest technology conference that lasted for five days. Technological CEOs, founders, startups, investors and political leaders, all together more than fifty thousand attendees from more than 150 countries, came together in Lisbon for the Web Summit. There were 600 speakers, from different professional areas such as Computer and Information Technology, Design, Music, Sports, Society, Machine, Startup University, Security, Marketing, just to name a few.

There were several booths, presentations and speakers all related to technology.  Career Disha Nepal also attended the conferences as one of the IT related organization, and displayed CDN services through the booth. CDN got a chance to tell about the organization and its services through media as well.

We hope the five days conference was fruitful for Career Disha Nepal in a long run. Representative from Career Disha Nepal, project  team members, Mr. Saroj Bastola (CEO & Founder), Mrs. Ingeborg Patsch (Technical Director),Hari Krishna Dahal (Founder & Psychological Analyst),and Patrick Menke(Website Developer) From German, got the opportunity to introduce our services internationally and this Web Summit also opened the door for possible international donors and partner organizations.


Technical Directer Mrs. Ingeborg Patsch informing about Career Disha Nepal Services through media.