[:en]How to decide the best fitting career when I am interested in so many?[:]


This is one of the frequently asked questions In CDN. Considering the youth queries, here are some counseling ideas to narrow down your choices and pick the right fitting career in variety on the right time.

Definitely, having interest in so many careers is not a bad thing. You could be interested in Engineering, health or social worker sectors at the same time. You are not the only one that feels this. You have to be patient and spend some quality time on research. It might take a while but the result might be worthy of the time invested.

Here are 4 simple counseling guides that might help you to eliminate your confusion and pick the best fitting career in the job market.

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[fruitful_tab title=”1. Short – Listing the jobs and its details”] First of all, write down all the job options that interest you. If you want to expand your list, visit the different job and education websites, and ask your teacher.

From this method, you can see the entire available jobs that you can possibly pursue.

After having the bunch of career options list, now it’s time to research each jobs’ activities, requirement, advantages, disadvantages, challenges and so on.  Also, you can visit each job expert who may tell you all about respective jobs.[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”2. Find your Interest”] The second step might motivate you to find what excites you most.

By visiting professionals, surfing on the internet you might get enough knowledge of listed jobs.  Knowing each job in detail means that you are better able to select the right career and eliminate the wrong path. After surfing, you might see each job more closely and able to separate into two section, interesting and uninteresting.

From this step, you may start to narrow down your list until there are only a few options left.[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”3. Self-Reflect”]This is one of the strongest steps to find your answer. Ask yourself some question and write it down its answer at the same time. This will really help you to mind map your career and approach toward the best fitting career journey.  Here are some helpful open questions you may ask yourself. The question could be…

What job fascinates me the most? (For example, you may be fascinated by counseling jobs…)

What kind of working environment do I want to have? (For example, you may like to work together with colleagues)

In what sector I am good at? (For example, you may good at social-work sector)

What have I enjoyed studying the most? (For example, you may be enjoyed studying social-work)

What kind of lifestyle do I want? (For example, you may like communal lifestyle)

Match all answer with the listed career which also helps you to find the best fitting career. These can be life changing simple questions. [/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”4. Know your Personality”] Find out your personality and pick the career what you are rather then what you like.

Maybe you are looking for the job what looks exciting and trendy. But keep in mind, you are uniquely different from others you may not like the career which is popular. The best method is to find inside you, who you actually are, what is your personality, what are your values. And select the career where your personality, values, interest, and abilities match the most.  You can also take psychometric assessment online where you can find your personality and matching jobs. Sometimes you might know only some popular jobs, for instance, Doctor, Engineer, Manager and other. But there are hundreds of jobs which you might not yet have considered. Through the psychological tools, you may find something interesting that recognize your hidden interest which you may not have known at all.

Similarly, meeting the expert career counselor nearby is another final option to eliminate your confusion and select the right path. Career counselor not only helps you to know your personality, s/he helps you to design and plan your career life according to your personality, values, interest, abilities, and socio-economic status.[/fruitful_tab]

This 4 counseling guidance might help you to change your life from confusion to a happy, exciting and satisfying career.

Try it!

If you are starting to think about your career, give some thoughts about the above list and not just only your grades or your friends’ interests.


“My Future Pro Workshop” for 14 young students of the Umbrella Foundation

We conducted 2 days “My Future Pro” workshop for 14 young students residing in Umbrella foundation Nepal on 4th and 5th July 2018.

The workshop started with the brief introduction between career counselor and students to make the whole workshop more interactive and exciting. In the first day, the career counselor conducted the career orientation and help students to understand what exactly career is and how one can pursue the right fitting career. And, My Interest sector of My Future Pro was started.

My Future Pro”, the self-reflective exercise book contains 3 major parts, My Interest, My ability, and My Values. The exercises are designed to evaluate own self through individual past and present background, hobbies, priority, and perception of each and every event of their life. And help them to find a suitable career option accordingly.

Through the “My Future Pro” workshop, students get detailed information about themselves as well as their friends. They recognize their own interests, their strengths, suitable job sectors, and leisure activities. Students were curious about their interested field and raised the different questions. And our career counselor thoroughly eliminates their career queries with the example. During the workshop, students presented the presentation, interviewed each other and share their opinion with their friends in the context of individual interest, values, and abilities linking with the different profession.

In the review session, students told that after the informative workshop, “My Future Pro” now they are crystal clear about their future career and better able to decide career considering individual interest, abilities, and values.

[:en]Interview with Successful Beautician[:]


Presently beautician has become one of the most chosen careers by girls and women in Nepal. Beautician is a competitive and highly skill-oriented career. The interested women are engaged in the field of the beauty parlor, making it one of the most flourishing women entrepreneur option, EVER. This can be seen in the valley where we will find some form of beauty parlor every 200 meters!

To know the beautician career in detail, we interviewed the professional with the experience of more than 10 years. DILASHA BELBASE, from Gatthaghar-Bhaktapur, has been working as a professional Beautician since 2005 A.D. Recently, she is running the ‘Professional Beauty Training Center’ in Gatthaghar. She is conducting a basic level as well as advanced level training in different shifts. Besides training, she is also providing the beauty services to the customer regarding hair styling, facials, hair straightening, threading and also selling beauty products.

Here is the interview that we took with her:
What is a beautician according to you?

A beautician is a person whose job is giving people beauty treatments such as doing their nails, treating their skin, and putting on their make-up. They mainly work in the face of a customer and improve its appearance. Beautician plays a very important role to prepare you to be presentable for your specials occasions.

How did you start your career in beautician?

First of all, I took the basic beautician training and took the advanced level training in ITC (International Training Center). As I was a  very fast learner amongst many girls that too the training, I got an opportunity to work as a senior teacher in ITC  Koteshwor, Kathmandu. Simultaneously, I also took the training from ‘Habib Hair and Beauty. After that, I attended the training of ‘Ruby Rana’ which helped me to learn more in the field of the beauty parlor.

What are the main responsibilities of beautician?

The beautician has a lot of responsibilities for enhancing beauty in maintaining customer relationship. Here are the main responsibilities of beautician career.

  1. Facial services
  2. Hairstyle services
  3. Nail services
  4. Complete bridal makeup services

Along with the above tasks, a beautician has to keep in mind the following things:
• Attend seminars and training for further development and to enhance one’s knowledge about beauty services
• Maintain a cheerful and warm disposition in dealing with customers at all times.
• Show the right values towards customers.
• Always available to attend to the needs of customers.
• Be updated with the latest trends in beauty services and technology.
• Aim to satisfy every customer.
• Maintain cleanliness and observe proper hygiene.
• Prepares celebrities for their movies, serials or shows.
• Advise customers about how to take good care of their appearance in everyday life.

What are the requirements to be a successful beautician amidst all the competition?

In order to be the successful beautician, an advanced training course is the most. One can take the advanced course after completing the basic one. Advance training is estimated for 6-7 months but sometime it may take even more than that estimation. It depends on interest and learning ability of the trainees. If the trainees want to be more specialized in the particular field, they can take the extra training sessions. Although the advance course is enough to be the competitive beautician and also regular practice is most essential.

Who offered the beautician training?

CTEVT and private institute offered the training.

What is the education requirement to be the beautician?

Beautician is all about art, interest, and dedication. There is no specific education required. However, some basic level of education is required as there are some theoretical parts too.

Is there is the free training course for beautician?

EVENT organizes the free course every year through CTEVT with an aim to help marginalized the people. This program is handled by CTEVT with the help of EDUCATION MINISTRY under Nepal Government. This training is conducted for 3 months providing all the materials and free lunch. After the completion of this training, the students have to give an exam. If they passed, they are provided with the certificate of Level 1.

How one can become the professional trainer in the field of beautician?

Level 1 and level 2 are two different examinations taken by CTEVT. One can take a level 2 examination only after 1 year of passing level 1. Practical questions given for level 2 examinations are comparatively very difficult than that of level 1. After passing that examination, they need to take TOT (Training of trainers). After that one can work as a professional beautician trainer.

How much does it cost to take training in a private institute?

Cost depends on the reputation of parlor and location. In average, a complete the basic training costs Rs (15,000 – 20,000) whereas advance training can cost approximately Rs (20,000 – 25,000).

What are the possible employers for beautician?

The beauty parlor is the major one to provide job opportunity to work as an assistant beautician. And also, salon, cosmetic shop and training center are the others. One can be self-employed, establish own parlor as well. Besides that, they can work as a make- up artist, skin specialist, and so on.

What is the beautician job demand in the market?

There is a high demand for beautician. If you are really interested in the field of beautifying and you have good skills, then go ahead, there is a very high chance of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


We would like to thank Mrs. Bilasa Belbase for managing her time and cooperating with us.

To know additional information about beautician as a career and specific education, click this link and stay updated. Whatever career you are going to pursue, be informed and above all make sure your personality and interest matches.