Career Helper Training

Do YOU want to discover full extended career potential in your youth?

‘Career Helper Training’ is the first level career counseling training course for YOU, Educators, youth workers, teachers, and for those who want to be an entrepreneur in the field of counseling. The five days long, ‘Career Helper Training’ provided by the 1st holistic career counseling center, Career Disha Nepal  to help Nepalese youth to be more empowered, informed and successful in their career through YOU.


This training is for YOU!

Grab the opportunity to optimize your skills to explore youth highest potentialities and provide them career and education solution in the better way.

What background knowledge I need to have?

  • A basic working knowledge of computer.
  • Intermediate knowledge about education and career. Some beginner knowledge about psychology would be amazing too.

What skill-sets would I gain?

  • You will be the first contact person for career and education based issues for youths.
  • You can be an entrepreneur for providing reliable education and career information.
  • You can optimize your counseling skills through ‘Career Helper Training’ to explore youths’ highest potential and provide them much-needed solutions.
  • You will be able to use job and education information by using CDN’s advance online portal, job and education database.

Why ‘Career Helper Training’ is essential for me?

  • To unlock the youth’s career potential by using latest psychometric tools and techniques in the career counseling field in Nepal.
  • To explore the key concept of youth psychology.
  • To be able to hold, organize, and coordinate career orientation workshops.
  • To be able to assess youth and help them to take the right education and career decision.
  • To upgrade your career in counseling sector.

I am already a professional counselor, do I need ‘Career Helper Training’ again?

Off course, YES! You will be introduced with new, scientific and technical psychometric tools and techniques to update yourself to find your youth’s maximum career and education potential.

How much cost for ‘Career Helper Training’?

It cost only Rs 10,000/- with excluded Vat.

Why is the ‘Career Helper Training’ so expensive?

It’s not if you look closely! Including counseling tools and techniques, you will get free 15 Psychometric Assessment codes that cost equal to Rs.3000/- to find out individual personality and recommended list of careers . Not only that you will be provided sub-admin portal in our job and education database, where you can entry the assessment data and use full job and education information.  And also, you will get free lunch, snacks and preferable drinks coffee or tea. What do you think about it?

Is this a onetime thing?

            No, if there are any difficulties to use counseling tools and techniques, data entry, and other CDN services, we will be there to assist you till you are expert in this field.

I think this training might be boring?

            Absolutely not, we don’t like to use word training; we rather call it interactive collaborative discussion. We practically learn how to use games to find out youth potential in friendly environment. So, you will be enjoying the session as well as develop your skill to present yourself to create excitement in front of youth.

For more information, please call us on 01-4532383, Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

7 things I learned as a trainer

Plan International Nepal has been implementing the Kamlahari Practice Abolition project (KAP) since 2006 and has rescued more than 3,000 Kamlahari girls and supported them with different interventions focusing in reintegrating girls into their lives, communities and schools in two phases of project KAP I and KAP II. The initial project ended in March 2016. Now, a continuation project Kamlahari Higher Education Scholarship Support (KHES) continued supporting those rescued and benefitted girls in higher education levels (10+2 and Bachelor degree) of Dang, Kailali and Kanchanpur Districts.

Concurring to the KAP, Plan International selected Career Disha Nepal under VHS Bhaktapur for career-integration program where 125 former Kamlahari girls, through 5 different sessions were trained to integrate themselves into the labour market of Nepal.

I was in Kailali along with my team members. Where I was leading 3 different sessions. It was the first long- duration training for me. I was super excited to help the needy people to better their lives. After we reached Kailali I was happy and sad as well, happy to get the chance to help other people to bring positive changes in their lives and sad to be away from the home. But today, I realize that besides all, I learned a lot from them too. Here I like to share the things I learned from them to betterment my training skill to conduct exciting training.

1. Enthusiastic introduction

I felt this is first and foremost essential things to make exciting training.  Who does not like an enthusiastic environment. Making the funny type of introduction session get to know each other would create an enthusiastic environment which also helps to eradicate hesitation and shyness.  Sometimes it might take longer than expected but it is completely okay to be quite late to jump into first day content. That kind of session helps to smooth up entire training to be more interactive

2. Make them feel responsible

I learned that by giving participants some form of responsibilities would help to build their leadership skill. Letting them make a classroom rule, asking their opinion on content and let them decide how we should go further are some example. I felt that kind of session grant them chances to be out spoken in the session. 

3.      Get involved in the game

Trainer involvement in the game has really positive result in learning and sharing. If the trainer gets excited and involves in the game then the same energy flows to the participants. This helps to activate their mind and body. When we have to spend time with the toddler we act like same age child similar manner teaching youth by being a youth helps to unlock any kind of hesitation.   

4.     Create an informal event

Going outside to explore some places is one of the best ways to make trainee more confident and open with each other. Organizing some cultural evening, taking an hour tour nearby during the training session not only refreshed them it also has a positive effect in learning and sharing.

5.      Recognise what they need to know and forward content accordingly

Rather than focusing what trainer know it would be far better to know what trainee need to know. I felt knowing trainees’ needs are most essential for successful training. If one follows the content without considering their needs training might be boring and ineffective.   

6.      Make them feels special  

Sometimes trainee felt inferior to their trainer. To bridge the gap between two are making them special by spending quality time and listening to them actively. Having the conversation in meal time, listening to their opinion, and learns their language also help to create interactive environment.  If one listens to them they felt valuable and special. That is why making them feels special is another element to have fruitful training outcomes.

7.    Positive feedback

If the trainee is presenting something, it is time to encourage them to do better in the future.  I felt positive feedback is the most essential. Positive feedback encourages youth to be more active in coming days than before.  Positive feedback motivates them to engage in session proactively.

Shrijana KC
(Co-Trainner CDN)

How to write a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A summary for one’s education, professional history and job qualification for a prospective employer must follow different format and content rules. Here there is a short overview of what we think is necessary.

What is a CV?

A Curriculum Vitae is a document where you write the summary of all your educational, professional skills and job qualifications, also you can write about you, who you are?…What are your hobbies?…Where are you from?…. How many languages do you speak?… everything that will make you to be on the top of the list for the job you’re apply for.

Why do I need one?

In the whole world, for any kind of job you’re looking for, you will need a CV because it’s the fastest way for a prospective employer to find the right person for a vacant post. Once created, you can send the CV to different enterprises to maximize your success and find the perfect job corresponding to your qualifications.   

How to prepare a CV?

There are different ways to prepare a CV, but the beginning is always the same. You must provide:

  1. Complete Name
  2. Address & Phone numbers
  3. Age &Marital status (if the work takes place abroad, etc…)
  4. Overview about your educational experience
  5. Overview about your work experience
  6. Proof and testimonies
  7. References

When those information is done, you can choose what type of CV you would like to use. There are many templates existing, so you don’t have to spend your time in editing the text. Just have the content ready.

Here you can find some examples:


With your CV, it’s highly recommended to send a Cover Letter.  In this letter, you will explain, why you want to work for this company and what your motivation is. You have to send the cover letter with CV through email, post office or deliver it yourself to the related office.

You must remember that the CV will be the only document that will allow you, perhaps, to get the job you want. So be aware of giving just the right information in the correct way. Your future employer may control your references.

When you get invited for an interview you must know all the details of your CV by heart. And present yourself proud of what you already experienced in education or labor market.

Don’t forget: After tailoring your CV, you have taken the first step at making a career decision for your career. If you want to be more than just an employee, try to apply for a job where there are higher possibilities to flourish your inbred abilities and that meet your interests. To know scientifically which career fits you best with your personality and interest take our Psychometric Assessment. It has helped 1500 youths in Nepal, it might help you too:

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Holistic Career Counseling for Youth, Residing at HCC to Empower them to be Independent and Self Sustained

We conducted holistic career counseling, “Career Orientation”, “My Future Pro”, “Motivational Session”, “Psychometric Assessment” and “Individual Career Counseling” for 10 youths residing in Himalayan Children’s Charities (HCC) to help them to make right career decision on right time and become independent what they are inherently made for.

HCC is a compassionate, global community of professionals, philanthropists, and the students in their programs. They empower youth in Nepal who have lost homes and families but not the desire to become educated, self-sufficient and contributing members of their communities. They mentor orphaned and abandoned children in Nepal to achieve sustainable paths to success, creating the next generation of professionals, leaders, and change makers.

The beneficiaries youth of HCC were those who had just appeared SEE (Secondary Education Examination), waiting for result and wondering about what to study after SEE. After participating in 3 days holistic career counseling session youth are better able to choose their best fitting career according to their individual passion, values, abilities and competencies.

Improvments in Result Display

5 new additions/ changes in result display that we have made in June,2019

We are permanently striving to increase our services for our clients. Most recently we have launched a new version of the results of the psychometric assessment to make them even more intuitive for students to read. Here is what we have done in particular.

The learn-more section is the first place the students and youths go to view their recommended jobs. Learn-more has gotten a lot of new changes that were highly demanded by youths as well as teachers. This page describes the 5 changes.

We have now illustrated intuitively the self-employment graph. You can see easily see the percent of the level of self employment in the entire Nepal for any given job.

The demand logo is now larger and clearer. We have also defined the demand differently. They are defined in 4 layers:

  • Very High Demand
  • High Demand
  • Low Demand
  • Saturated

If the counselor has seen your result and has recommended you jobs accordingly, you will see the tick beside your job. (The counselor recommends you job only when you have taken Assessment Basic or Assessment Deluxe)

There are multiple educational ways to reach the same career. We have illustrated that with 4 different colours:

  1. Orange: Academic (e.g. Bachelors, Masters)
  2. Brown: Diploma
  3. Pink: TSLC
  4. Blue: Training

We have created a system to view all the institutes (available in our system) in your selected district to study, all the courses, for the given job. If there no available institutes in your district, the hand signal is shown in red

We hope that all this changes do increase the usability of the assessment. If you have further ideas on how we can make our online services more user friendly, please do not hesitate to send us an email to

You have not yet taken the assessment? Go and take the test now and get the jobs which are personally recommended for you