Career Disha Nepal (CDN) is Nepal’s first holistic career counseling service provider working on a platform to help create a successful, enthusiastic and motivated workforce. Creating a direct link between the appropriate vocational or academic and the future career allows people to successfully transfer to the active workforce of Nepal. Moving away from the stereotypical concept of choosing jobs based on their popularity, CDN provides an accurate and scientific method to distinguish what Nepal’s youth is really made for.

The vision of Career Disha Nepal

“Shining Light on the Career Path of Nepali Youth”.

Aim of Career Disha Nepal 

To make Nepali people realize the importance of career guidance, we aim to reach all 75 districts by the end of 2019. We will be provided reliable advice via the CDN services to more than 20 percent in grade 10.

  • Help students identify a suitable education and career decision.
  • Create more transparency about the job market and educational possibilities.
  • Promote neglected and unknown jobs especially from the TEVT sector.
  • Promote Career Counseling as an important part of informal and formal education.
  • Objectives of the Career Disha Nepal 

    CDN has the following objectives to achieve the above aim:

  • Create a scientific career counseling test based on the interests of the students
  • Collect and refine information about jobs and educational paths in a transparent way
  • Provide this test on an easily accessible (technical and usability) online platform
  • Provide the test also on an offline, low-energy device with immediate feedback on the screen so that it is also accessible in remote areas.
  • Set up a network of field officers to promote and run this test in rural areas.
  • Start a pilot project with 500 students in Bhaktapur and outside the valley in 2016.
  • Increase our area of working equally in urban and rural areas.