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CTEVT and Its Importance

Career Disha Nepal wants to share available alternative choices of education system of Nepal. Most of us are unaware about educational pathway which were available for decades in Nepal. Take for example of a youth that does not want to study subjects that he/she feels not beneficial for them. They might be unknown about the shorter way to reach their goal and select the academic line even they are not interested other courses rather than they love to do.

Council for Technical Educational and Vocational Training aims at providing training and professional knowledge which otherwise is ignored in the academic stream.

CTEVT was established in 1989 with aim of strengthening vocational technical education in Nepal. Function of the CTEVT is to produce technical and skillful human resources required. It  mainly involves in policy and program formulation, coordination and facilitation, quality control and program implementation.

Why is CTEVT worth knowing?

  • Footstep is counting: If your parents are electrician and you are working with them, you would acquire required skills from them. Your informal working experience can be certified by National Skill Training Board (after series of examination), to make you a certified electrician.
  • Specific career path: If you do not like to go thoroughly with other optional subjects and choose rather to stick to one particular field CTEVT is an answer. CTEVT courses can be based on your demands, needs and interest.
  • Within short period of time reach the career goal: Naturally, Human beings are always hurrying to get something that they like. On the other hand economically poor parents, who cannot afford their children’s lengthy formalstudies tend not to provide them with education as they believe it to be a heavy opportunity cost. So if you want to be independent, then CTEVT would be a considerate
  • Employment generation: CTEVT sets its program based on research according to the labor market and labor Thus creating workers that have a high demand in the job market.
  • Technical education: CTEVT has prepared different courses to produce a more skillful manpower which in a way encourages entrepreneurship
  • World-class employer: In the 21st century there is barely any restriction to migration. In the case of Nepal, migration of unskilled workers has exponentially increased in the past 2-3 decades. The popular fault they seem to have is that Nepal provides no real opportunity, however, one can expand their potential simply by acquiring the skill.  At the same time, CTEVT provides training which is acceptable