[:en]Can I be the Fashion Designer without SEE in Nepal[:]


The fashion designer is the form of art and creativity dedicated to designing clothes, shoes and other lifestyle accessories.

To be a fashion designer, you should have an artistic and creative personality. You also have to be good at drawing and able to express your ideas in sketches. You don’t necessarily have to be a great artist, but you must have some special skills for combining colour, tones, and shades. You also have to be able to work with fabric and use textiles in a creative and original manner. Fashion designers have a good visual imagination and are able to think in three-dimensions and put their ideas into garments.

What are Ideal Qualities required to be a fashion designer?

Style of Working, rather playful: If you love being creative and doing new things, even though you don’t mind to also follow a given solutions from time to time. Then, your personality matches to fashion designer.

Information Processing, only detailed: If you are the detailed person and prefer to focus on a specific aspect of your work and go deeper into the details then fashion designer job is right for you. This requires you to focus and pay great attention to the details of things you are doing.

Motivation to Create, very high: If you prefer to come up with your own ways and ideas of doing things then Fashion Designer is the right job for you where you have some freedom to make your own decisions.

Motivation to Lead, quite high: If you prefer to lead and direct others in a group. If you like to share your ideas with them what you want to do and convince them to follow you. In this job, you can lead a group of people and direct your group’s efforts.

Analysis orientated, high: If you like to spend a lot of time thinking before you make a decision. You believe that it is important to consider everything before acting. If you always considered your environment, culture and market demand then Fashion Designer is the best option for you where you have to think carefully before acting.

Strength of enforcement, high: If you are usually direct and you are capable of confronting others if needed. You have no problem saying what is on your mind. Then, Fashion Designer is good for you.

Education Requirement to be a Fashion Designer

If you have ideal qualities then answers some self-reflective questions yourself, do I really interested in fashion area?…Do I really enjoy using basic technology?… Am I able to compete in the market? Am I able to understand market demand?  If your answer is positive and thinks ‘Fashion Designer’ as a dream job then go ahead. Here are 3 different educations available for Fashion Designer in Nepal:

Bachelor in Fashion Designer (BFD)

The 3 year (6 Semester) course is a highly dynamic and rewarding degree and is a wonderful combination of science, art and technology. It consists of elements of science as textile science and textile designing are considered major parts of fashion designing. Similarly, it consists of elements of art as having an artistic insight is a major requirement for becoming a good fashion designer.

Fashion Designer Professional Course ( 650 Hours)

A short-term training provided by CTEVT ‘Fashion Designer’ which is for 650 hours is available for individuals with a minimum education of SEE.

Fashion Designer training (390 hours)

If you are under SEE (Secondary Examination Education) and you have ideal qualities to be a fashion designer then you can do the 390 hours basic training course provided by CTEVT. After this elementary training with one-year work experience in a related occupation, you are eligible to obtain Skill Testing Level 1.  A skill test is the corresponding performance test based on occupational skill standards which must be demonstrated by every individual to obtain a NATIONAL SKILL CERTIFICATE indicating that the certificate holder meets the requirements of a trade/ occupation.

Related Jobs

A fashion designer can work in a number of settings. S/he can work as costume designer, fashion consultant, personal stylist, production pattern maker, fashion coordinator, apparel production manager, fabric buyer, fabric quality control manager, illustrator, cutting assistant and outside sales representative in this industry.