[:en]Career Counseling Orientation Session at Edulift[:]


Career Disha Nepal conducted career counseling orientation for the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) students from different schools at Edulift, Ramhiti-Phulwari, Kathmandu.

CDN’s senior career counselor, Hari Krishna Dahal, and Namaraj KC ran the one-day interactive orientation session which included several career related activities; group discussion, career focused games, Ice Breakers, and The Mirror Game in order to enlighten the students to choose the deliberate and fitting career. According to the students’ feedback, the orientation session was interactive, refreshing, friendly and above all reflective.

Edulift http://www.eduliftacademy.org/ is a non-profit educational initiative dedicated to transforming and empowering the lives of young people and children from marginalized Himalayan and Tibetan ethnic groups. Edulift is giving Tibetan students to experiential-based education and life-skills session to prepare young people to live a purposeful life.