[:en]Career Disha Nepal taking over Sundarijal[:]


CDN Taking over the bat-cave


After the hectic first 2 months, that kept the team of Career Disha Nepal incredibly busy, yesterday was a breath of fresh air. A long tiring walk, with water gushing from don’t know where; swaying trees’ shade cooling the hot, bright sun was something we all needed. And midst all that we all unanimously felt that Patrick was the only one who didn’t miss his laptop.


Hari keeping the photographer busy
Hari keeping the photographer busy



Hari’s witty jokes about something he had heard 7 years ago from a person he didn’t know brought us a conclusion that ‘सुन्दरी’ (Sundari) was the word-of-the-day. Mr CEO, felt right at home, walking faster than all and his melodious songs felt more of a howl than a song. Sagar, the flex carrier, was doing his job little too well, we supposed as it was missing in most of the action.






The MVP (Most-valuable-player), undoubtedly Inge gave us all a task that was virtually impossible, singing the Nepali national anthem in GERMAN! But with the skill of Sagar and the German fluency of Patrick, we did it. Even Prajan, the youngest member of CDN, (who knows nothing of the vicious nature of the above-mentioned language) sang the national anthem.

Prajan’s proud stride after singing the national anthem

We played games, took over 1,000 photos (NATURALLY) and took our descend. The lunch was unmistakably the best part of the trek: Spanish cheese, Inge’s fruit cake and home-made brown bread, Suresh’s recommended yogurt and ever refreshing Kabucha.

Inge’s expression after giving the IMPOSSIBLE task

What could go wrong? Hari’s bike made a lot of noise, Srijana lost her shawl and Sagar wore a red-tight t-shirt. In short, nothing. It was an amazing day out. Now back to work as the online version of the student assessment is on its way!

Crazy CDN
The first proper photo of CDN team
The only proper photo of the CDN team



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