Career Helper Training

Do YOU want to discover full extended career potential in your youth?

‘Career Helper Training’ is the first level career counseling training course for YOU, Educators, youth workers, teachers, and for those who want to be an entrepreneur in the field of counseling. The five days long, ‘Career Helper Training’ provided by the 1st holistic career counseling center, Career Disha Nepal  to help Nepalese youth to be more empowered, informed and successful in their career through YOU.


This training is for YOU!

Grab the opportunity to optimize your skills to explore youth highest potentialities and provide them career and education solution in the better way.

What background knowledge I need to have?

  • A basic working knowledge of computer.
  • Intermediate knowledge about education and career. Some beginner knowledge about psychology would be amazing too.

What skill-sets would I gain?

  • You will be the first contact person for career and education based issues for youths.
  • You can be an entrepreneur for providing reliable education and career information.
  • You can optimize your counseling skills through ‘Career Helper Training’ to explore youths’ highest potential and provide them much-needed solutions.
  • You will be able to use job and education information by using CDN’s advance online portal, job and education database.

Why ‘Career Helper Training’ is essential for me?

  • To unlock the youth’s career potential by using latest psychometric tools and techniques in the career counseling field in Nepal.
  • To explore the key concept of youth psychology.
  • To be able to hold, organize, and coordinate career orientation workshops.
  • To be able to assess youth and help them to take the right education and career decision.
  • To upgrade your career in counseling sector.

I am already a professional counselor, do I need ‘Career Helper Training’ again?

Off course, YES! You will be introduced with new, scientific and technical psychometric tools and techniques to update yourself to find your youth’s maximum career and education potential.

How much cost for ‘Career Helper Training’?

It cost only Rs 10,000/- with excluded Vat.

Why is the ‘Career Helper Training’ so expensive?

It’s not if you look closely! Including counseling tools and techniques, you will get free 15 Psychometric Assessment codes that cost equal to Rs.3000/- to find out individual personality and recommended list of careers . Not only that you will be provided sub-admin portal in our job and education database, where you can entry the assessment data and use full job and education information.  And also, you will get free lunch, snacks and preferable drinks coffee or tea. What do you think about it?

Is this a onetime thing?

            No, if there are any difficulties to use counseling tools and techniques, data entry, and other CDN services, we will be there to assist you till you are expert in this field.

I think this training might be boring?

            Absolutely not, we don’t like to use word training; we rather call it interactive collaborative discussion. We practically learn how to use games to find out youth potential in friendly environment. So, you will be enjoying the session as well as develop your skill to present yourself to create excitement in front of youth.

For more information, please call us on 01-4532383, Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

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