[:en]Career Orientation at Khwopa College[:]


On the 7th of March 2018, CDN conducted the career orientation workshop to 40 students of Bachelor Level studying ‘Social work’ at Khwopa College, Bhaktapur. CDN career counselor Hari Krishna Dahal with the help of CDN Content writer Shrijana KC and Khwopa teachers facilitated the workshop.

The aim of this interactive workshop was to inform students the importance of career counseling: to have a suitable and successful career based on inborn abilities, interest, and values. On the other hand, the aim of the workshop was to inform students the benefits of CDN Psychometric Assessment to have an informed career and process of using CDN job and education database.

At the end of the interactive workshop student knows the process to take career information from CDN online portal job and education database, the available job in Nepal, required education and abilities, job context and process to be the respective job.

The two hours interactive program started with the career-related video where each participant knows the career possibilities.