Career Orientation in FWHC

After the successful completion of 2 batches in FWHC, on 1st of September 2018, we conducted career orientation program for 15 new young students residing in the Forum for the Welfare Himalayan Children (FWHC).

The aim of the career orientation was to help yet another group of students to know about the future career prospects in Nepal along with the things that determine the right career, and the importance of picking interest based career and education for a successful career.

The interactive program run by our career counselor, Hari Krishna Dahal, initiated with a related motivational story about recognizing one’s path for their career, following up with different career orientation models. He also expanded by informing students about the general mistakes one makes while deciding the education and career. And, also provides the structure to avoid such mistakes.

The students were vocal about the fact they had never thought their career that way before. According to them, the ‘eye- opening’ career orientation will help them to think twice before jumping to any education or career.

The career orientation is the 1st program this year for the new batch of students studying in 9 and 10 grades. It will be followed by 12 intensive sessions where the youths will be aware of their interests, personality, values, and their competences.

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