[:en]Career Orientation Workshop at Norbuling [:]


On the 3rd of November 2017, CDN conducted the career orientation workshop to 23 students of grade 8,9,10 and +2 residing at Norbulling children’s home, Boudha Mahankal, Kathmandu. CDN career counselor Hari Krishna Dahal with the help of NCH representative facilitated this workshop.

Norbulilng children’s home (NCH) is a pure humanitarian aid organization established in 2006. NCH is a non-government, non-political and non-profit making organization. NCH is a home for all the needy children in Nepal dedicated to serving the needy children comprising orphan, destitute, underprivileged, street children, child labour etc by providing them a  homely home with full of parental love and affection along with providing quality education, food & shelter. At present, they want to provide each student life-sustaining education and secure their career. NCH and CDN are helping the students find their potential, and guide them further to achieve successful career holistically.

The aim of this interactive workshop was to inform students the importance of career counseling: to have a suitable and successful career based on inborn abilities, interest, and values. On the other hand, to make students more confident and comfortable to share their education and career problems openly with the career counselor to further career counseling approach.

The two hours brainstorming program started with problem-solving games where each participant generated their own ideas interactively and finalized the solution. Students were raising the question regarding career and education. Students cannot wait for the next visit of CDN to participate in the future career counseling sessions.