[:en]CDN Conducted Customize Package at FWHC[:]


Career Disha Nepal conducted customize package including Online Assessment, Career Crash Course Workshop, Life Coaching Workshop, Competence Workshops, Career Internship or Field Visit, Education Pathway Workshop and Peer Counseling Session to SEE (Secondary Education Examination) appeared students at Forum for the Welfare of Himalayan Children, Bungmati, Lalitpur.

These seven days interpersonal workshop, included different activities, interview, games, group work, discussion, an assessment aimed to help students to find out their interest, abilities and potential career. Online assessment recommends students’ personality detail and suitable career. One day career crash course help students to find out their interest, strength, and values.  Similarly, Competence Assessment analyses students competency and get recommended suitable job according to their core competencies.

This student-friendly whole workshop scheduled different date and time and assisted by CDN Career Counselor Hari Krishna Dahal and Namaraj KC.