[:en]CDN Conducted Career Counseling Workshops and Psychometric Assessment at ‘Kam for Sud’, Bhaktapur[:]


We conducted parents’ orientation, Labour Market workshop, Psychometric Assessment, and Individual Career Counseling for 18 students of Children Home, Tathali.

In the first day, we discussed with parents of ‘Children Home’. The aim of the parents’ orientation was to help the parents to help children to orient educational choices they can have according to their interest, abilities, and values.

In the same day, we conducted Labour Market workshop to the young students. Students were really excited to know about the vastness of Nepali job market. The workshop started with ice-breaker game to be familiar with the students. At the same time, we divided the students into different groups where they discussed about the different job sectors in Nepal.

From the fun learning workshop’s session, students got to know about the available jobs, employers, ideal qualities, and respective job activities for 20 sectors. In the first day, there were 3 facilitators to eliminate the career queries of the youths.

In the second day, the students took Psychometric Assessment which is one of the career counseling tools, used to find career options based on individual personality, professional and vocational orientation along with interest in tasks. The last day, we distributed counselor recommended Psychometric Assessment results along with individual career counseling where the youths were able to personally talk to the career counselor to understand their personality in detail as well as list out the career and education options for future.

These 3 days program helped youth to know about themselves better and the career option they can follow.