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Career Disha Nepal has the objective to provide the services equally in urban as well as rural areas’ youths and increase CDN’s network to run our services in the rural areas of Nepal. Concerning our objectives, CDN team members, Technical Director Inge Patsch and Project Manager Sagar Ghimire travelled to Jumla on the 4th of March till the 14th of March. It was first labor market research in the Mid-Western Region (rural).

 The initial objectives of the field visit were

  • to test the assessment and labour market workshop in a remote region.
  • to test the validity of CDN’s services through the indecision scale.
  • to run a pilot project related the labour market, data collection and testing the format.
  • to create job videos- Whatchado.
  • to identify local partners for career counselling in future.
  • to coordinate district Data Collection via local partners.

The summary of the field report according to the technical director and the project manager is as follows:

During the 10 days field trip, we did personality based assessment for over 70 students including labor market workshops, individual career counseling. We also included the indecision scale before and after the assessment to assess students’ level of confusion. It was a general observation that the students were quite open to answering questions and took comparatively longer time to fill the assessment. However, due to the short time-frame we could not reach as many students as we would have liked.

In order to run the pilot phase for collecting labor market data, we gathered detailed information about jobs through interviews and discussion with different experts involves in different job sectors. We covered 6 job sectors that were basic to Jumla; Agriculture, Health, Building & Construction, Engineering, Media and Social Work.

We have taken Whatchado video of Keshab - a Social Worker,  Kalika - a Health Assistant, Peru - Disabled Worker Social Mobilizer, Sushil Devkota- Social Worker and the founder of RACE.

We discussed the viability of career counseling in Jumla with active social workers, Sushil Devkota and , Jibraj Shahi. Following their enthusiasm, we provided them with basic training about different phases that could be included in basic career counseling. Phase 1- Taking indecision scale, doing workshop and filling assessment; Phase 2- Uploading and processing the data; Phase 3- Giving feedback to the students and taking indecision scale again.