[:en]CDN representation on AIESEC Youth Forum Conference[:]


From March 25th to 27th 2016 there was a three- day conference hosted by AIESEC Nepal, an international youth leadership organization, held at Hotel Taishan, Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal.

On the second day (public involvement), Career Disha Nepal Participated the YouthSpeak Forum event. Jerry Yeh, national vice president of AIESEC Nepal and also responsible for marketing and outgoing exchange, was in charge of the program.  Two speakers, Abhishek Maskey and Barsha Chitrakar Shah, gave presentations on the import12417511_10205951489259185_5938074364742044113_nance of quality education and sustainable development respectively.

Maskey explained about three pillars, which support quality education:  society, teachers and students. One of the memorable things he said was “...the subject (for +2 studies) will be decided which SLC division you got, not by your interest...” After the presentation, one delegate raised the question about how can we change stereotypical, old fashioned teaching methods and adopt a modern and practical education system. Similiarly, Maskey was also in search of the answer to the raised question! One of the possibilities pointed out was to replace the old traditional teachers with younger ones. Teachers are the key part of students' future. Since the teaching field is subject to rapid changes, teachers need to be constantly updating their professional knowledge and skills, as unskilled teachers may pass poor knowledge to the students. In the 21st century, world has become more of a global village. Since the new generation are in the competitive world market, students from rural village of Nepal and urban New York ideally should have similar pattern of education. IMG_20160326_115843

It was a great opportunity being a Career Disha Nepal representative. These types of educational programs are always fruitful to CDN to know the present scenario and the perception of students, parents, teachers and society. This hopefully will help us to enhance quality of education.