[:en]CDN’s Services to SEE Appeared Students[:]


Career Disha Nepal conducted Online Assessment to SEE (Secondary Education Examination) students in Kings College in collaboration with Glocal Nepal.

The program was Organized by Glocal Nepal named 'Glocal After School', where the program coordinator was Maulik Shakya. 22 students attended that program who came from different schools across Kathmandu valley. Since they all are waiting for their SEE  result, few students notified us that they were involved in bridge courses for their higher education.

The students were initially unaware of their expectations, as not much information was provided to them about career counseling. However, they caught up quite well, asking questions regarding the assessment system of Career Disha Nepal and making sure that their questions were heard. They were critical about the assessment and were careful about their choices during the assessment. Few of the students took longer than others as one student implied she had never thought of those specific questions and would need more time to reflect. Without a shadow of doubt, it was a good sign for us.

Students who got the results instantaneously could reflect upon their personality and question their choices. Some students who were so certain that they wanted to take IT as their career reflected - they might afterall reconsider their stance according to their personality.

All in all, it was a successful visit to introduce career counseling to the youth who recently completed nation’s first SEE examination.