[:en]Closing Ceremony of 3 days of Career Counseling at Kingdom Star High School at Thaukhel.[:]


On 16 of June 2018, Kingdom Star School’s Hostel coordinator, Suresh Kumar Khati organized the closing session of career counseling program for this year.

We conducted Career Orientation, Labour Market workshop, Psychometric Assessment, My Future Pro and Individual Career Counseling to 23 young students, age group of 14 to 19 years old.

On the closing program, there were 2 passed out students, studied Bachelor of Hotel Management and Registered Nurse. They shared their personal story, how do they come to choose the education they are studying.

Another guest, CDN COO, and Career Counselor Hari Krishna Dahal explained the importance of individual determination to be the success in any career. He has given the example of famous person from the different careers, Neeldavids Salon of Hair & Beauty and Fashion designer Prabal Gurung . He also added no jobs are small; anyone can do their interesting job and can be famous if one has regular effort and strong determination on the respective career only.

Similarly, students who have participated in career counseling program shared their experience of how they benefited from the CDN Services to choose the right career.And also, Mrs. Kamala khaati distributed the Psychometric Assessment Result to the students.

The chair person of the ceremony, coordinator Mr.Suresh Kumar Khati wraps up the program by telling how one person desires make the world different. Definitely, regular effort to gain the goal is prerequisite but nothing is impossible. “If the late Edmund Percival Hillary did not desire to climb the top of the Mountain Everest first time, he never could reach there, If the Steven Paul Jobs did not dream to provide people the smartest phone ever,  then today no one has I Phone.” So finding a desired career where individual interest, strength, and abilities met is the way of achieving success.