Dang, a new emerging district for legal careers

Dang, is in the far-western Nepal, with population of over 540,000. It has population demography of over 48% of youths between the ages of 16-30. Due to this age the number of youths looking for career has increased exponentially compared to the last few years.

Through this article, we want to illustrate where a youth can get involved in legal sector in far-western region. The article too deals with the careers within the legal sector that are more lucrative and have a higher demand. This information was gathered from a local lawyer from Public Advocacy Law Firm established in Ghorahi, Dang with an experience of more than 5 years of practice.

Lawyer/ Legal Advisor
Legislative Lawyer
Governmental Officers
Court License Clerk

Before any lawyer becomes a judge, they first become ‘Tahashildaar’ and then get a advance to become ‘Sheshedaar’.

It was found out that the highest demanded job within the legal sector is for Lawyer and legal advisor. Though there are over 250 lawyers in Mid-western, over 10 times more than other legal jobs, the demand for experienced lawyer/legal advisor is increasing. Against popular belief, only around 30% of the lawyers work full time, most of them are government employees. The self employment rate is astonishingly around 80%.

According to the lawyer, youths planning become a lawyer in Dang (major cities like Tulsipur, Ghorahi and Lamahi) overall have great prospects if they plan to invest their time in the district and ‘create link and contact’. The demand for lawyers is high both for private and public sectors alike. However, evidently the prospects for being a legislative lawyer and court license clerk depend highly upon the government creating jobs.

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