Digital Commandeor Success Story: Nepal created 10 career helpers to aid confused youths to guide them to their fitting education

“Digital CommanDEOR” aims to raise the professionalization of youth work at global level by supporting youth organizations to improve the dissemination and exploitation of project results (DEOR) methods they use, build up their online identity in order to be more accessible for their target groups, better promote their projects and foster cooperation and exchanges between Programme and Partner countries involved. The project develops structured actions towards increasing professionalization of the youth workers and providing youth organizations with practical instruments for increasing quality of DEOR methods. To achieve this, the project foresees three different youth workers’ mobility activities, number of local activities and elaboration of an Open Educational Resource and manual on DEOR that would allow fellow organizations also building capacity in the field of their external communication strategies and continuing exchange of best practices among peers.

Career Disha Nepal was blessed to get in the training program. We were able to observe and see the progressive ideas, their practices and outreach from several youths from 8 different countries. CDN gained satisfactory enlightenment on several aspects of marketing, communication and the entrepreneurial enthusiasms. Peer and groups works flourished the outcome during the training program with inspirational feelings for our future activities in CDN.

Right after the training, the enthusiastic Nepali team held their first digital marketing and development training to their internal team. The method of group work, innovative training method with gamification created several plans for marketing activities that lead the training as a huge success. CDN saw this as an opportunity to explore their new found techniques and experience in the real life. With the expertise of CDN in the field of education and career counseling fuelled by the excitement from Portugal, we were able to organize, hold and finally create 10 career helpers from 5 major organizations. These career helpers are Nepal’s only trained helpers who will be the first person for the confused youths to go to for reliable and effective information for both career and education. The helpers too are equipped with skills for holding workshops and assessment to help any confused youth find their way into an education that fits them.

Career Disha Nepal participated in the International Training Course from 11-18 March 2018 in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal together with VHS Bhaktapur hosted by Geoclub-Associação Juvenil – Rua da Boavista, s/n, 4435-354 Rio Tinto, Portugal. This training was organized under ERASMUS+ framework of the Capacity Building in the Field of Youth project “Digital CommanDEOR”. The project is funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) ( Applicant organization of this project is Association for European Cooperation, Development and Communication – Heimeulenstraat 49, 2328 Hoogstraten, Belgium and VHS Bhaktapur; mother organization of Career Disha Nepal is partner organization in the project “Digital CommanDEOR”. Career Disha Nepal is thankful to VHS Bhaktapur in creating the opportunity for CDN team to get involved in the project

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