[:en]Farewell to Chatpat Lover from CDN[:]


In the beginning of April, 2016 freelance website developer, Patrick volunteered as a webpage developer at CDN for a month. Within those 4 weeks, he developed a full-fledged student assessment online along with making the database more intuitive. In addition, he assessed previously developed sectors such as database, student assessment and provided CDN with valuable advice and IMG_2013[1]suggestions on how to optimize the development process.

More than thirty countries visited, 34 years old German guy was fond of Nepali food, Dhal Bhat, MO: MO, Chat-pat and that the one thing he is going to miss the most about Nepal is its liveliness.  He was work concentrated and never left his Vietnamese cap that looked somewhat like a combat hat. He knew a couple of words in Nepali, but the ones he knew somewhat provided an essence of being a Nepali.  ‘KE GARNE’ was something that will always remind us of Patrick, the phrase that roughly translates to ‘WHAT TO DO’ well describes what every Nepali is going through.  We will miss his introduction of Chat-pat to the CDN team and his contribution will always be online (so it will never be forgotten). His contribution till date has been of highest impact to the team: he did so much in such small frame of time.

We definitely will miss the tall guy!IMG_20181-300x225