[:en]Highlights of CDN Crowd Funding Campaign[:]


Career Disha Nepal ran “Brighten Nepali Youth’s Career” crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. The aim of the campaign was to develop career counseling services in such a way that they are easily accessible to youths all over Nepal. The campaign lasted for 40 days from 31st October and ended on the 10th of December 2017.

Approximately, we were able to collect € 2885 by 26 generous backers in the main Indiegogo page. One of the highlights of the crowd fund was that along with helping youths all over Nepal in a long run, the supports too would directly help at least 1 youth as their perk. Among the 26 backers, 14 claimed CDN basic package, 3 claimed slim package, 5 claimed Competence Assessment 2 supporters claimed 2 slim packaged for the whole class and one claimed teacher training and career workshop for the whole class. Directly as the form of perks, more than 65 young students between the ages 15-18 are going to receive some form of career counseling. Alongside this, 6 teachers from 3 different schools are going to receive CDN Career Helper Training to help their students in long run.

To directly implement the perks, we have already chosen perks recipients considering their needs in terms of career and educational urgency, and financial background. Some backers have chosen perk’s beneficiaries themselves and while for others backers we recommended the best recipients. Within the next 2-3 months, we shall be rewriting to our backers about those students who they directly impacted through holistic career counseling.