[:en]How Does your Personality Trait Lead you Certain Career?[:]


According to various psychologists’ viewpoints, personality is characteristic patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour across time and situations in a long-term.  According to an American psychologist, Gordon Allport, ‘Personality is everything that makes you an individual. It is the integration and interaction of your genetic inheritance, your experience, and your ways of relating the two.’

‘I’ define you as an individual, as a person distinguishable from others. Inherently, each individual ‘I’ has different and unique personalities compared to others. That is why each person has extensively different hobbies, interest and values. It is widely understood that one can reach their optimal success and harmony if they choose the career and education which matches their personality.  In this article, we are focusing on various personality traits and subsequent career one can follow considering their personality.

How are your personality traits associated with career(s)? 

Unquestionably, each Individual has different personality traits. It should be noted that some personality traits may be more prominent than others. Below is a list of 7 major personalities psychologists have recognized (in random order).

  • Sociability
  • General Interest
  • Work Activities
  • Style of Working
  • Information Processing
  • Flexibility
  • Value orientation


According to psychology, all individuals have differing characteristics in terms of sociability. Some people are naturally introverted, which means that they prefer to be on their own and are uncomfortable with too many people around, while others are naturally extroverted, which means that they are more comfortable around people and are uncomfortable being on their own. That means an extroverted person should select the jobs which involve interacting with customers and which allows one to be in the center of attention. Some options would include jobs that involve maintaining relationships with customers and partners or stakeholders and organizing events.

General Interest

If you are interested in many things and spend a lot of time on updating yourself on the newest developments in different sectors, you should consider looking for jobs where it is beneficial for you to learn about many different topics. Such jobs can be found among others in art, media, and education.

Work Activities

Some people are in their optimal level if they are working in mental related asks and some physical related tasks. If you prefer your work to be physical in nature, without much mental activity, you should consider looking for jobs that will require you to move around a lot and exert physical effort. If you like to work with brain rather than your physique, then you should consider the jobs like medicine and technical work.

Style of Working

Different people have different styles of working. If you love being creative and doing new things, you should consider looking for jobs where for most of the time you can create new things. Such jobs can be found among others in media, handicrafts and design.

 Information Processing

If you prefer to look at how everything fits within the larger operation and to see how every part affects each other, you should consider jobs where you need to see how everything affects what you are doing. Some examples would include running a business and offering advice to solve problems.


If you prefer to have a fixed work routine with little or no change every day. You should consider looking for jobs where you are required to go to an office at a specific time each working day. Some examples would include desk jobs and running a shop.

Value orientation

A different person has given different value in their life, some of them are materialistic, motivated by money or other material gains while some of are motivated by doing something meaningful.  If you are only materialistic you should consider looking for jobs that promise a financial return on your time investment. Some examples would include corporate jobs and running a business.

Above, generalized career examples were given for each of the dominating personalities. It is crucial to understand that we have a mix of the above mentioned personalities, with some personalities being more defined and dominating than others. Therefore, a thorough and scientific understanding of your personality traits is essential to make the great decision of choosing a life-long career.

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