[:en]How Should I Convince my Parents to Let me Study for the Interesting Career?[:]


According to gti media research, more than half (54%) of the students who took part in the survey said that their parents tried to exert influence over their choice of course or career.

We have met a lot of people who are studying parents’ choice where Grishma, is the one, who is struggling to study on her interesting career. But she is unsure about she will be able to convince her parents or not for the study on her desired career.

Grishma is waiting for her SEE (Secondary Education Examination) result which is publishing after a few weeks. “I want to be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a bank and want to work on the management sector because I am good at maths, I think I will not be bored to work on my interested sector and I already researched on it too. But especially my mother wants me to be Doctor so I do not think that I can go against to my mother’s interest. I try to convince her frequently but I am not able to do so. So I decided to work on her interests for few couples of years and then come back to work on my own interested area” Said Grishma.

In the context of Nepal majority of parents try to impose career of their choice for their children. Children cannot defence their parent decision for many reasons. The most of the reasons for studying parents choice are, children do not know their interested area, children do not have enough information about labour market, children do not know the detail information about respective career, children might confuse to choose the one in varieties of jobs and others and parents to tend to take the decision for them.

A lot of things influence one to make a single decision in our life. Whether choosing the lifelong career is one of the crucial decisions. Sometimes, we do not think about the consequences of our decision. Deciding certain career means decide to live a life of your choice. Definitely, most of the people want to spend their life happily and successfully. For example, if you do not like the things what you have to do even for the all-day what will happen? You can imagine the terrible situation you have to face. And, think about the long-term situation what will happen if you choose the wrong career for whole life. Even if it means earning a high income or social status.

If you strongly interested in a specific career, be crystal clear, do some research, its demand, scope, benefits and challenges through the internet and professional person of same career. For additional help to define you to your parents who want you to select the career of their choice, here are some helpful tips for you to win your parent’s heart for the study on your interest.

[fruitful_tabs type=”accordion” width=”100%” fit=”false”]
[fruitful_tab title=”1. Tell about your Role model”] Working for the specific career is not only earning money but your values, personalities, and life satisfaction comes to play. Tell your parents successful stories who working in the same job, their reputation, and status. Tell thoroughly pros and cons about the respective career and education. This might influence your parents. [/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”2.Tell clearly about your career goal”] Before you ask other, ask your gut, you better know yourself than others do. Listen to your gut and tell your parents what you really feel about the respective career, and why this career is important for you. Tell your parents clearly about your career goals and your future in the respective career, why and where you are planning to land. Definitely, your parents will be convinced if you tell them concisely about your career goal. [/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”3. Explore the strong and logical reasons why you fit in the respective career”] Definitely, parents always want to keep you on the safe side. Talking about challenging subject directly to the parents can influence to say no to you. In this case, you should be able to tell them logical reasons why you are choosing the certain subject. You can tell them how your Personalities, values, and abilities match to the certain career. Explain the benefits of choosing the certain career. It doesn’t mean that you have to walk in other steps. You have your own destination according to your personality. [/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”4. Take help of the professional career counselor”] In the final step, if you are not able to convince your parents then take a help of professional career counselor. A professional counselor will talk to you first and will explain to your parents why interest is mattered for individual life and successful career. [/fruitful_tab]

Sometimes, parents are not able to find actual interest and abilities of children. Each individual has unique qualities, if they work in the same sector they will be happy and successful.