Improvments in Result Display

5 new additions/ changes in your result display that we have made in June

We are permanently striving to increase our services for our clients. Most recently we have launched a new version of the results of the psychometric assessment to make them even more intuitive for students to read. Here is what we have done in particular.

The learn-more section is the first place the students and youths go to view their recommended jobs. Learn-more has gotten a lot of new changes that were highly demanded by youths as well as teachers. This page describes the 5 changes:

We have now illustrated intuitively the self-employment graph. You can see easily see the percent of the level of self employment in the entire Nepal for any given job.

The demand logo is now larger and clearer. We have also defined the demand differently. They are defined in 4 layers:

  • Very High Demand
  • High Demand
  • Low Demand
  • Saturated

If the counselor has seen your result and has recommended you jobs accordingly, you will see the tick beside your job. (The counselor recommends you job only when you have taken Assessment Basic or Assessment Deluxe)

There are multiple educational ways to reach the same career. We have illustrated that with 4 different colours:

  1. Orange: Academic (e.g. Bachelors, Masters)
  2. Brown: Diploma
  3. Pink: TSLC
  4. Blue: Training

We have created a system to view all the institutes (available in our system) in your selected district to study, all the courses, for the given job. If there no available institutes in your district, the hand signal is shown in red.

We hope that all this changes do increase the usability of the assessment. If you have further ideas on how we can make our online service more user friendly, please do not hesitate to send us an email to

You have not yet taken the assessment? Go and take the test now and get the jobs which are personally recommended for you.