[:en]Individual Career Counseling[:]


On the 9th of August 2016, Career Disha Nepal conducted Individual Career Counseling led by CDN's career counsellor Mr. Hari Krishna Dahal. Individual Career Counseling is one of the services among (Online Assessment, Individual Career Coaching, Job & educational Database, and My Future Pro) CDN is providing.

Yet most of the students after 10th grade are confused on which career path to go. What would be their further way of studies or what are their options if their SLC result does not allow them to go for higher studies. Yet, until the establishment of Career Disha Nepal, there has been no holistic and broad scale career coaching available to guide all these young people towards a prosperous future.

Individual career coaching is meant to reflect on the results from the online assessment together with a trained counselor. You will get overall information about his/her personality profile, clear information about job sectors, required qualification and job market. The aim of this session is to make the young person understand which professions would be suitable for them

Based on their personality, what is realistic in terms of the labour market and draft a rough way towards the educational pathway which can lead to the desired dream job.