[:en]Less than C grade in SEE! No problem![:]


I will not be a successful person if I get low grade in academics.

Is it a myth? 

SEE (Secondary Education Examination) is the first national-level examination for students. In this year, 2017/2018, there were 4,51,532 regular examinees, out of them 3,51,826 students secured the grade A plus, A, B plus, B, C plus  and C while 99,706 gets  the D plus, D, E plus, E grade.

There exist a lot of reasons why students are doing poorly in school. The major reason according to us is that since every student has unique abilities, skills and qualities, we cannot judge all of them through one standardized testing system. We are not suggesting that standardized system has no place for assessment, but since it has become the ONLY system, we are seeing the worst of what it can do.  ‘If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will believe to be a fool, at its life.’

In average, people with low academic ability tend to have low confidence in their ability that they tend to choose jobs that pay them less. In contrary to that, we are sharing with you the real life story of person who is running a major company who has not completed her SLC (Now SEE). More and more, personalities across Nepal have outshined the ‘over-patronized’ SLC and excelled in various areas without its merits. Certainly, passing in your SEE is an advantage, but if not... there are always other opportunities which might bring you more success.

This success story is of Mrs. Ram Laxmi Twoyana, the owner of Shree Navaras Herbal Industries. Her struggle to change her dream to reality without SEE has inspired us.

What is SEE?

The Secondary Education Examination, abbreviated as SEE, is the final examination in the secondary school system of Nepal. Every student must take this examination for completing the 10th grade of their academic study (according to new Education Act), before they join higher secondary or intermediate level education (SLC).

SEE is the ‘Iron Gate’ – what happens if one gets the less then C grade?

Getting a good grade in SEE opens doors for the maximum numbers of courses as well as many jobs opportunities. The scenario is such that the students’ grade of SEE examination determines their further subject choices rather than their interests and the labour market. Most of us think that a low grade in SEE (grade C or below) is the end of their world as it minimizes the chances of further education and job prospects. That is true to some extent, but there are always more possibilities in life. For a lot of youth, education (through academics) is not made for them, as an amount of hard-work does not seem to bring any fruitful result. You should not consider yourself as the ‘black sheep’ in your family or in school, rather recognize your abilities and passion and take the best route to get there. Academic path is not always the best way to reach your dream career.

Successful life story without SLC

Mrs. Ram Laxmi Twoyana is living in Suryabinayak and had not completed her SEE (earlier SLC). She has now her own company, Shree Navaras Herbal Industries. Her life and work experience in her own words.

“I was interested in the field of Ayurvedic science from my childhood. Some bad experiences in my life impressed me about this sector. Normal chemical medicines were not effective to her. I found that if I applied herbal medical method to my mother’s sickness, she would be with me longer period of time. From that, my desire to work on this sector was increased. But I didn’t have any idea about whether I could work, study and its minimum education requirements. Initially for a few years I worked in the carpet factory.  I did not want continue because I hated working there, even though it paid for me and my mother.

One day, through my friends I got the opportunity to work at Ayurvedic shop and decided to make this work my future career. After working for two years, I took a six months training provided by Nepal Ayurvedic institute and later took two more months of training from Red Cross Society.

 I then started my own company with as little find as Rs.5000. It took me more than two years to understand and recognize individual herbals and their healing process. I read several Ayurvedic science books to extend my knowledge about herbals medicine and how they worked.”

Currently, she has hired three employees to run the company. This company takes advantage of the opportunities that Nepal provides – Herbals. She has expanded her initial capital/investment by over 10 folds in less than 2 years. She says, “We have various floras that define us and using that sustainably can be the key to success here in Nepal. Till now, I am very satisfied with my social business and don’t regretted failing in SLC.”

Summing up, getting the low grade in SEE, doesn’t mean the end of the world. There are a lot of possible career options where SEE grades do not matter.

So find out about your abilities and follow your dreams. Click this link for detailed information about education qualification requirements for jobs and its overview. https://jobedudb.careerdishanepal.org/jobs