[:en]MoU Signed by CDN with RECAST Unit of TU[:]


On the 21st of March 2017, Career Disha Nepal (CDN) and Research Centre for Applied Science and Technology (RECAST) unit of Tribhuwan University signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which will see the pioneers of modern educational institute and the innovators of career counseling in Nepal work hand-in-hand to create a society where information is free and focused.

Professor Rameshwar Adhikari, the director of RECAST, officially inaugurated the program by illuminating us with the sheer importance of research in Nepal. He further highlighted how research can contribute to Nepal’s sustainable development.

It was a great honour for Career Disha Nepal to have the opening words from the Dean of Science and Technology- Prof. Ram Prasad Khatiwada, PhD. In his encouraging speech, he casted light on the misunderstood educational system of Nepal, in both academic as well as vocational sector. He further emphasized how the lack of educational information and knowledge about choices are leading the current youth to easily ‘detour’ in their pursuit of career and meaningful life. Even though he holds a prestigious place in the academic foreground, he reiterated that youth were being forced in the academic stream regardless of their passion or will.

Hari Krishna Dahal , the senior career counsellor of CDN, gave a presentation about the vision and the mission that drives CDN. He detailed the team with the different tools and the technology involved in those tools.

Inge Patsch, the technical director of CDN, briefed the present members there about the impact CDN and RECAST together can create, and should create. She illustrated thoroughly how RECAST and CDN working together can work effectively and add value to each other’s expertise.

The final event closed with the MoU signing between the founding member and the CEO Saroj Bastola signing for CDN and the director of RECAST Professor Rameshwar Adhikari for RECAST.