[:en]”My Future Pro” workshop at Prabina Foundation Nepal[:]


Career Disha Nepal conducted 4 days workshop for 15 students in Prabina Foundation Nepal located at Anamnagar. The workshop comprised of My Future Pro which is a group-tool for educational and career coaching designed especially for youth to help them recognize their own interests, their strengths, suitable job sectors and leisure activities.

The workshop started with a brief interaction between our counselor, Mr.Hari Krishna Dahal and the students (from grade 6- 10). CDN Career Counselor, Mr.Dahal consulted the students regarding the type of personality one can have, different jobs he/she can pursue according to his/her personality and the ways to make job choices that can help them be satisfied in their career. The students interactively asked questions on the different career they wanted to pursue, to which our Counselor replied with detailed information on those jobs and the values and skills required for respective jobs/career. Accordingly, the first day of this workshop was dedicated in understanding the interests of each and every student present in the workshop.

On the 2nd and 3rd day, students were really excited and curious to know more about My Future Pro and participate in the workshop. Our counselor, Mr.Dahal started the workshop with the introduction of My Future Pro and various activities involved in this workshop. One by one, students were asked to do the activities through which they were able to identify jobs that would fit them best and that they would like to pursue along with their true interests and strengths. The whole workshop was conducted in an enjoyable and thoughtful manner, with jokes and interesting games in between, with the consideration to maintain the excitement and focus of the participants.

On the final day of My future Pro workshop, students were asked to interview each other about their interests, abilities and values. In addition to the discussion, students were also asked to analyze their own answers and data of My Future Pro that helped them acknowledge themselves and career of their interests.