“My Future Pro Workshop” for 14 young students of the Umbrella Foundation

We conducted 2 days “My Future Pro” workshop for 14 young students residing in Umbrella foundation Nepal on 4th and 5th July 2018.

The workshop started with the brief introduction between career counselor and students to make the whole workshop more interactive and exciting. In the first day, the career counselor conducted the career orientation and help students to understand what exactly career is and how one can pursue the right fitting career. And, My Interest sector of My Future Pro was started.

My Future Pro”, the self-reflective exercise book contains 3 major parts, My Interest, My ability, and My Values. The exercises are designed to evaluate own self through individual past and present background, hobbies, priority, and perception of each and every event of their life. And help them to find a suitable career option accordingly.

Through the “My Future Pro” workshop, students get detailed information about themselves as well as their friends. They recognize their own interests, their strengths, suitable job sectors, and leisure activities. Students were curious about their interested field and raised the different questions. And our career counselor thoroughly eliminates their career queries with the example. During the workshop, students presented the presentation, interviewed each other and share their opinion with their friends in the context of individual interest, values, and abilities linking with the different profession.

In the review session, students told that after the informative workshop, “My Future Pro” now they are crystal clear about their future career and better able to decide career considering individual interest, abilities, and values.