To make career counselling accessible to Nepali youth all over Nepal, CDN is paving its path to work together with partners of various backgrounds. We have started our partnership with a community learning centre as well as an NGO which is aiming for gathering Nepali volunteers from all over Nepal; VHS and Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI).

VHS Bhaktapur is a community learning centre, working with innovative approaches and openness for various sectors to create a new understanding of informal education in Nepal. VHS Bhaktapur is incorporating career counselling by providing the opportunity to all their members, as well as the youth. Since VHS and CDN have similar principles regarding more informed youth and transparent society, our relationship has deepened.While another partner organization HCI (Himalayan Climate Initiative) is a youth driven Nepali Non-profit organization committed to creating social inclusion and climate resilience. Furthermore, we are glad to announce that we brought the partnership with HCI to the next level as we have successfully conducted a first prototype workshop with its team members and volunteers. We are looking forward to a long lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with both of them.

We know that in order to create well-informed youth who are conscious about their career, we have to interject and introduce holistic career counselling to every possible youth related organizations and institutes. VHS and HCI are the pioneering organizations that have advanced with integrated career counselling. We are looking for more.