What is it? 

CDN career assessment is a test/tool which helps an individual to find a career path based on their interest, personality and professional orientation. It analyses the responses from the individual and at the end provides them with job options that resonate the most with them. 

How does it work?

Individuals respond to the questions in a way that reflects them. Based on the responses provided, the online system analyses them and presents their personality traits, professional orientation and interests that’s unique to them. Along with it, the job options are also presented that fits their personality. 

Having said that, the job recommendations that match their personality the most may not be the one that an individual would like to pursue. 

Who benefits most from our career assessment ?

We consider students as young as 13 years old as youth, and as career planning must start from a very early age. Knowing oneself better is the first step. Students starting from grade 8 (14 years old) could take this career assessment and reflect on themselves. 

However, it’s not limited to grade 8 students only. Graduates and even individuals who seek to change their career may take this assessment and understand oneself. It’s never too late to shift to the career that would make you happy and satisfied in life!

How to interpret the results?

After the assessment, one could view their results and the recommended jobs. Individuals may read the results on their own, but to avoid misinterpretation of those results, the role of a counselor is required. 

Counselling sessions would aid in better understanding of the results and avoid misinterpretation. During the counselling sessions, individuals will reflect upon their results and their chances of getting into the career that reflects them the most increases significantly.