Educational institutes are the most essential places to ensure a successful future and career. Through the information, knowledge and experience gained through schools, colleges and training centers usually define one’s professional success. Considering their importance in our modern lives, it makes the teachers and trainers the most influencing people of our generation. Undoubtedly, an educator shapes youths’ life through their information and suggestions enormously. Turning educators to functional career and education helpers is one of CDN’s bigger aims.

The target is to create and promote an educator in each educational institute as ‘Basic Education and Career Helper’ and provide these BECHs with skills and tools they need.


CDN, for the last 5 years, has been working, researching & practicing career counseling and creating required tools for the same. These tools if used properly can be utilized to assess youths’ interest and abilities, provide accurate information about Nepal’s labour market and offer students with fitting educational possibilities.

To disseminate our vision, we have created a 2 days curriculum for these BECHs where the educators will be trained to:

  • Appreciate the importance of career counseling
  • Use effectively all the tools created by CDN for the purpose of career support
  • Recognize the nuances of the educational system of Nepal
  • Understand the labour market of Nepal through our job and education database
  • Hold online or offline sessions to take the psychometric assessment
  • Hold workshops defining the various career options and sectors found in Nepal
  • Provide students with accurate details about their assessment result
  • Provide information about the recommended jobs