Even though, if one has great experience, but cannot present it beautifully, their chance of getting shortlisted for an interview gets low. Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) is where you present all your experiences, so that you stand out from the crowd and get noticed to your possible employer.


We want our youths to present outstanding C.V. when they apply for the job, so that the H.R couldn't resist to call them for an interview. Therefore, our C.V. Booster Workshop trains youth in such a way that their C.V. get noticed by their possible employer in the first glance and increase the possibility of getting hired.


It is a short workshop, it generally takes 1.5 hours where you learn to stand out from the crowd.

For Organization

We conduct the session for college, hostel, NGO's and organization. If you want to conduct the session in your organization, just ring us.

For Individual

We are more than happy to work with youths and help them think out of the box while they prepare their C.V. So, if you want to get noticed from your C.V. get trained from us beforehand.