Making the CV (Curriculum vitae) is the first step to entering into the job market, where you summarize only about yourself, your details, your academic information, professional experiences, hobbies, skills, personality and key achievements. In simple words, the CV is a written document that represents you. The purpose of the CV is to inform potential employers or readers that you are a suitable candidate for the respective position. 

In this vital document, there are some essential elements to be put in a beautiful format which should never be forgotten. Your CV must speak your voice in the same manner you speak/communicate on a typical day. There is much evidence that the CVs look fake and exaggerated. We are going to reveal a simple mantra to make your CV the best. It is ‘simple is the best’. It should be clearly written, and simply understood by the other party and the reader should be hooked and continue reading to the end.

Research shows that the average time a recruiter spends reviewing a CV is 6 seconds.

So, it is crucial to put the CV into a beautiful format which makes recruiters easily spot the skills and competencies they are looking for in your CV. It is always recommended to divide your whole CV into different sections and write down the key points that potential employers quickly scan. 

Here are the seven most essential elements you have to include before formulating the CV. Let’s complete it step by step.

  1. Personal details
  2. Personal statement
  3. Experience
  4. Education and Certification
  5. Core Skills 
  6. Key achievements 
  7. References

Personal Details

In this section, write your full name and address, phone number, and your email address should be given. Note that the email addresses must be professional; it is strictly prohibited to write an email address like Please make sure you have created your email address using your full name, for example, to stay away from embarrassment. For, eg, If you do not have one, then you can create one right away.

Personal statements

In this section, you can write your personality, who you are, and what type of person you are professionally. You can also include your career goal, motivation and enthusiasm about work. 


If you have experience related to the job you are applying for (or even if it is not related), then write it down in this section in reverse chronological order (most recent experience should be written at first). It can be the job you did as a full-time employee, internships, volunteering work, group project work that might be relevant, research, survey or anything that you think is a highlight of your career. If you are working, you should include the current position and responsibilities in bullet points.

Education and Certification

It is a straightforward section where you should include your education qualification, completion year, and name of the institute. If you are currently studying, then mentioned initiated year, of course, faculty and institute name. It is also recommended to put the list in reverse chronological order.

Core skill

You can write about your soft skills and hard skills in bullet points. That might be something you have learnt by taking a particular course or enhanced by exercising or practising.

Key achievements

In this section, you can mention any awards you won, and the extra-curricular activities, conferences, training or workshops you have attended.


This is the last section you are going to write in your CV. In this section you have to write the full name of the person you want to be referred by, the company he/she is involved in, the position of that person, email address and contact information. Remember that the references you write in your CV must know about you. The main intention of this section is to validate your behavioural and professional aspects. The potential employers’ if needed can call him/her to know more about your work ethic and attitude. 

Now the essential elements to formulate the CV are ready; here you can find many formats and templates that can make your CV more attractive. The CV is not a one-time thing; you must update it time and again with your accomplishments.  If you want professionals to make a CV for you, then we are here to help you. Drop us an email or reach out to us via Facebook messenger.