[:en]Restructuring CDNs internal structure[:]


For more than one year now Hari Krishna Dahal has been leading the operative agenda's of CDN in Nepal. We would like to thank Mr. Dahal for his efforts to cover up for the absence of Inge Patsch and Saroj Bastola. We do recognize that Mr. Dahal being the main resource person for counseling and workshops did not have sufficient time capacities to guide all our 6 permanent staffs in a way which would bring out their full potential.

In a board meeting on September 14th our board (Hari, Saroj and Inge) therefore decided, that it is time to distribute the leadership more equally among all three of them again. With effect from October 1st a new organizational structure will therefore be in place.

While the board meeting will continue to meet once a month and decide upon the strategic direction of the organization, operational leadership will be given to all three board members.

Hari will take care of the counseling department. The department will be responsible for developing counseling material, conducting counseling and workshop and train career helpers on our tools. As we saw a lot of potential in Shrijana giving direction and advice to youth she will join Hari in his department from October 1st onwards.

Saroj will lead the administrative department and Sales & Marketing Department which will take care of all financial agendas, billing, reporting, proposal, HR and website and coordinate the development of new information material, articles and the whole social media communication.

Inge will take care of the technical team, which will maintain the website, our job and educational database, our web-shop and the assessment and develop new functions which can help our partners to use our services even more efficiently. She will supervise our team from Austria and coordinate furthermore with Patrick Menke, who relentlessly is providing us with top-class software to reach our target.

She furthermore will act as a first contact to all European partners and clients so that they have a German speaking first contact.

We hope that with that new structure, we can serve all our partners better and be able to get the best out of our motivated team in Nepal.