Result of Market Survey

In the summer of 2015, 50 parents from around Bhaktapur were surveyed via a questionnaire that listed questions ranging from their education to the likelihood of them wanting their child to study in Nepal. By a vast majority, it was evident that parents regardless of where they lived (City or Village) or their level of education, that they were unaware of Career Coaching. However, it was overwhelming to see that over 84% of the parents were interested to have their children attend career counseling.

It does not take a lot for us to understand that most parents are worried about their children’s uncertain future. This was more popular amongst the parents whose highest education was Bachelors. At the same time it too was analyzed that parents with 2 or more children too were more “highly interested” than “interested”. Also, it was found that people preferred school as their number one most influencing source of information, be it about jobs or recommendation for educational institutes etc.

It was encouraging to see that all parents informed us that they provide freedom for their children and at the same time over 60% of the parents would regard the job recommended by the assessment earnestly.

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