Waiting for SEE Results? 8 Different Ways Career Orientation can be Helpful for you to Make the Right Education Decision Before SEE Grade

Career orientation is the workshop to provide necessary information about the labour market for youths to prepare them to select the right education and career path on right time. Such a workshop is very essential for all youth to reach a particular destination they are made for. It is especially urgent for Secondary Education Examination (SEE) appeared students as this group the most vulnerable age group, the turning point of student’s life and the phase where people usually make a mistake regarding career choices in Nepal. This is the age where most of them have a less clue or not at all about what to do next. While most of us make the decision of joining any random courses based on our SEE grades with the stereotypical mindset we have. 

April to June is the gap months for SEE appeared students. And if you are one of them, how do you spend time? What is your planning for the rest of the remaining time before you have regular classes? You probably will be:  Waiting for the results? Doing a Bridge Course? Learning a new language? Or Just being a couch potato? Well, if you give a thought about yourself, this seems to be the perfect time for you to make a career plan, to find out about yourselves, to know better about yourselves, discover your interests, know about your values and most importantly find a suitable educational track for the career that fits you right based on your interest and other factors. It is the best time to identify your potential and groom it.

Sometimes, most of us get lost in the process of career selection. In this regard, career orientation can be of great help. Career orientation is not only useful for those who have no clue about what and where to study but also for those who already know where to get into as it tells you about the labor market of future. See the below pointers to find out why career orientation is essential for SEE appeared youths.

1. To know the labor market information

According to CDN’s research, more than 50% of youths have limited information about the labor market. There are higher chances to miss the career they are actually made for. It is really crucial to know the ranges of available jobs in the market to pick the best fitting one. That’s why in the career orientation session, career counsellors provide information and tools to know about the labor market in detail.

2. To avoid misconception about career selection

Most of us choose a career based on trend, family and friend’s choices. Not only that, but we also categorize the job’s level and then select the career accordingly. But the process of choosing a career should not be associated with those issues. One should choose the profession based on individual potential, interest, abilities and values.

3. To know why it is important to know the potential career in detail

If you already know what you are going to be, then, you should know further detail about the possible job, its unique and challenging aspects. That helps you to answer the significant question of whether you are ready to face it or not.

4. To find out the individual personality

YOU should know you first. You are the one who knows yourself better than anyone else in the world. Sometimes, we just ignore or fail to recognize what we are, what do we like and dislike. Knowing yourself better is not only essential for your career but also crucial for your daily life. One session of the career orientation can be an eye-opening for you to know about the ways to figure that out.

5. To avoid the mistakes

In Nepal, most of the youths choose the trendy education and career, based on their parent’s or friends’ choice without considering individual interest, abilities and job demand in the market. Career orientation helps you to be yourself and avoid the mistake which might make you out of nowhere in the future.

6. To bridge the gap between education and career

It is vital to know why you choose a specific track of learning. For that, you should know the Nepali Education System as it opens the ranges of options for you to be independent soon

7. To save time and money

If you are aware of your career potential on time, definitely you can escape from the dark future and also save money and time of your life. Some of the youth try out different subjects without knowing their potential and thus tend to lose their interest in the subject matter wasting a considerable amount of money as well as the precious time of their life too.

8. To have a successful career

Career orientation helps you to choose the highest potential career according to your innate abilities, learning and developing potential, values and interest. If you study the field of education that you enjoy the most, meaning working for it is the universal way to be successful in no time. That’s why career orientation for SEE appeared youth is most essential. You are in the runway of your life where career orientation will help you to have a safe landing in a certain destination.