Pain of parents

Students are always given the highest priority whenever new academic season starts. Discussing their challenges and hardship. In this article, we are putting in lime-light on people who make the students’ education and career a reality. Parents and their challenges and hardships!

In the 21st century, it is almost unthinkable that parents make any decisions for their children. They can’t decide which type of jeans their children wear, let alone decide the children’s future education and career. We think it is in both of their interest that children take the responsibility for this life decision so that they are in-charge of the education and career.

This puts the parents in 3 main disconcerting situations,

  1. The parents cannot influence their children’s education even though they have to finance it,
  2. The parents are unsure if their children are making the RIGHT career decision (considering fully the future labour market and prestige)
  3. The fluctuating interest of their children casts doubt for the effectiveness of the decision taken and thus casts doubt if the money spend in education was effective

These situations are troubling because of the below main factors; huge amount of money being spent in education, unknown future labour market, children aren’t aware of their personality and unaware of their underlying interest.

Possible Solutions

In-depth understanding of the personality and interest

If the youths know their personality and interest in detail, they would be able to pin-point the area of occupation and consequent education. Researches have shown that this understanding would lead to development in education and more fulfilling career. It is in both the parents and children’s internet that children understand their interest and personality before they take any major life decisions.

Career Counselor’s advice: All youths that are trying to make thoughtful life decisions are recommended that they take personality and interest assessment.

Be aware of the labour market indicators

Suppose your child chooses an education that they think is best for them now. Do you suppose the demand for that education would be the same in 6 years’ time? Perhaps NOT!

Considering the pace of the current technological and societal development, one should think through careers that have demand currently and sustained demand in future. Sadly, such data is not easily found and needs time and skill to research.

Perhaps our Job and Educational Database might be of help?

Consider education cost as investment and do due research for best education

Just like visiting dozens of houses before buying one, the parents need to visit dozens of schools to choose the best one for their kids. But, the fact is the parents could still do better…they could visit more schools and institutes, but their time and energy is limited.

Choosing among 1500 institutes in Nepal considering fees, courses, location and experience, the parents can now make better decision than ever with the Job and Educational Database