[:en]The Most Informative Psychometric Assessment Result Ever [:]


The most effective and sought out CDN services, psychometric assessment’s result has seen a big update. From December 2017 onward, the Psychometric Assessment’s result will be more informative and filled with detailed information that will directly help any youth understand their career possibilities like never before. In the upgraded version, student will know recommended job’s market demand, available institutes, and minimum education requirement to have the respective career and much more at a glance. Along with that, there are numerous exciting features which will help youth find the highest potential in labor market which fits their personality, interest and passion.

What exactly is CDN Psychometric Assessment?

The CDN Psychometric Assessment is a tool used to find career options based on one’s interest and professional orientation, it’s also called interest-based test. We can use this assessment in various settings, and youths use it to test their individual personalities, professional interests, and vocational interests through the assessment. There are altogether four segments one has to give responses to according to their interest and how they react to a different situation(s). The system then analyses the filled information and illustrates their individual personality profile and matching jobs. Youth receive the individual profile, Psychometric Assessment result along with the matching jobs, and required educational information or training for each recommended professions. We are so excited to inform you that, the result has improved with more information and increased from 16 pages to 30 pages.

What are the recent changes in Psychometric Assessment result?

  1. 50 % more information to before

By no means do we mean that the last result was less informative. Our 16 pages result was and still is the most concise and to-the-point youth targeted information Nepal had ever seen. Comparatively, the upgraded result has 50 percent more information. Student will receive more information regarding recommended jobs which will support them to know themselves more in-depth alongside give more push to take accurate action for their education as well as career option.

  1. Golden opportunity to consult with career counselor- from anywhere in Nepal

This is an exciting feature for youth. They can now share their specific interests with career counselor through social media and phone call. Not only that, youth can now consult with career counselor regarding their financial status for the specific jobs. According to these comments along with the psychometric assessment, the professional career counselor can now better recommend the education and career options accordingly. Students can now receive the personal profile according to their personality as well as their socio-economic status! For example, if students’ personality matches for a career which can be attained only from an expensive course (like Doctor) and that they cannot afford it,  then they will receive other options that best fit their finances from the same sector. It has never been so easy to get career counseling in Nepal.

  1. Multi-linguistic feature

. One can choose their preferred language while feeling the online assessment and students gets the results in the preferred language. Everything from our result menus to the personality types is now bilingual.

  1. Easy access to print result without any delay

Nepal does not have the infrastructure for having the personal internet connection. Thus, we were unable to reach a lot of students online. Even if the students did the assessment online, it would be a onetime thing in a computer cyber somewhere, meaning no access to assessment result all the time. This new update has changed all that. Students can now print their personal result immediately on their own. Printed documents definitely are dearer to us than a webpage, right!.

This upgrade is regional-friendly. Youths from around Nepal who were not able to access career counseling can now have all the information about themselves and their career without physically appearing at our office in Bhaktapur. We believe this new change will see that we distribute the results of the assessment to the youth much more efficiently. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from our partners and students about these new changes.