[:en]Two Days, Career Helper Training at CDN[:]


Career Disha Nepal conducted Basic Career Helper training to CDN partner organization’s team members of Himalayan Climate Initiative under Nepal Volunteering Program.

The targets  of the training program was to create a self-sustaining junior career helper who will be able to understand in intermediate level what career counseling is and is not, to make participant able to hold a CDN Psychometric Assessment session, to make participant able to explain the Psychometric Assessment results to the students/youths and to make participant able to upload Psychometric Assessment data on CDN job and education database, and to make participant able to print the Psychometric Assessment result and manage admin back-end.

According to the participant, the training program was helpful to eliminate all kind of confusion regarding CDN Psychometric Assessment and career counseling. From now, HCI is able to conduct the basic career counseling session using counselling tools CDN Psychometric Assessment independently without CDN assistance in future.

This interactive program was run on 1st and 2nd of February 2018, by CDN Project Manager Mr.Sagar Ghimire and CDN Career Counselor and CEO Mr Hari Krishna Dahal.