[:en]Weekly Informative Training to Volunteers[:]


Majority of youths we deal with (even parents or teachers at some instances), in day-to-day interactions, either inside CDN or during workshops outside, we cannot help but notice the immense misconceptions and false-judgement about career counseling, education system, educational options, career options etc. These misconceptions mostly come from lack of knowledge or/and incorrect guidance from various sources. Now, more than ever, we need these misunderstandings removed from their roots.

We have taken a small step to help resolve this massive problem, in the form of bi-weekly information/ training.

Provide small chunk of information for youths to digest

Youths, above all, cannot be over-fed with information regardless of their importance. Therefore, we have thought about making these information sessions short with fixed target. Each session includes topic ranging from increasing one’s efficiency in professional setting to knowing about the evolving education system of Nepal.


If not revised, between 50%-80% of information will be forgotten within the first 24 hours, informs the Curve of Forgetting. We therefore, frequent our information/training sessions twice every week (every Tuesday and Thursday). We also give tasks for the youths to stay at the top of their games during and after the sessions.

Make it interactive

If the sessions are boring, we might as well give up right away. Keeping that in mind, we make sure that we keep the variety of learning techniques in the sessions. Visual and graphic representation of the information helps in great length. Since the youth are best at verbal communications (chatting), we take advantage of that skill to make the sessions as alive as possible, while at the same time, parting information and skills.

Share, share, share

We work at the moment with around 7 youths; most of them are active volunteers for CDN. We would like to reach more youths, parents and teachers but distributing information is a complex process, as we might not reach the target audience as effectively as we hope. Therefore, we encourage our attendees to share their newly found knowledge to their friends, family, teachers and all who they believe should get the information.

The above information and training sessions take place in CDN main office every Tuesday and Thursday every week from 11:30 am till 13:00 pm. Also, its free of charge.