What after 12 in Nepal?

According to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Nearly 13 lakh students appeared in the +2 examination this year.

Most of the students among them are confused about what to study next. When a student completes plus two, there is an entire horizon of alternatives. Although there is the great happiness of completing high school, there comes a big confusion of “what should I study?” a very common question and very difficult to answer, and there comes “what if I fail?” and so on.

There are plenty of options when it comes to doing undergraduate in Nepal. However, students are confused about what is the best career option for them.

What should I Study?

We have seen many students find themselves lost while deciding the subject they want to study. One should take the decision wisely, as the subject they chose determines their professional career. After the results, instead of thinking carefully, many would choose the subject their friends did or would listen to their parents/ relatives and most would choose the subject based upon their marks/percentage.

This practice is as wrong as the marks obtained in the +2 exams barely defines their field of interest. Due to which they struggle all year long to cope up with the subject having no or less devotion to it. This happens because students have no prior information about the subjects offered by different faculties/ streams in different colleges.

To solve the problem of students regarding choosing the best career, to know their interests. We have developed a psychometric assessment. Which can be your first few steps towards finding a matching job that compliments your interest and character. After this, students will have a clear vision about “what to study? Where to study? And how to study?” As there is an entire horizon of alternatives. Either students can go for the further academic or they can also go for the vocational training as per their interest and ability.

What if I fail +2?

Many students choose to study certain subjects their friends did, their parents/ relatives told, as a result, most of them fail. They do not choose the subject that they are interested in. Most people think that if one fails in their academics they do not have any other option. They cannot be successful in their life or they cannot have a better income. But the thing is, academics is not only the last option, many people are unaware about the vocational training, which can be very useful to the students who are not able to focus on their theoretical studies or academic studies. There are many courses provided by CTEVT, students can attend by having SEE only. There are also several courses for those who have basic education only. The first thing that one should know before choosing any subject is that whether the subject is your interest or not.

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