Why Do Youths Need the Psychometric Assessment?

“The Online Assessment I took from CDN considerably has helped me figure out what I really want out of my life. It has helped me to look into the possible career paths that will be supposedly compatible with my fancy and my essential nature. Not only this, the career counselling I took from CDN has helped me look into areas where I can excel and foster professionally. I am, now absolved of the confusions I beheaded before I took the Assessment. I wouldn’t have known myself better and figure out what kind of job best suits me. As far as the Assessment is concerned, I wouldn’t have believed anything more fervently than that. It was very authentic, and by the end, I was like “Awesome! This is the kind of job I always wanted to do.” Palishtha Ranjitkar, Khopo College, Bhaktapur

When I was at the secondary level, my teachers and relatives used to ask the significant question of entire life ‘what do you want to be in future’. I felt like that was the toughest question I have ever faced. Most of the answers from my friends and cousins were ‘I want to be a thulo manchhe’, meaning famous person. In my case, I didn’t know the definition of the Thulo Manchhe. However, I felt that was the best answer I can give at that moment. Most of the times, I got a pat on my shoulder that left be proud as it would be a heavy “Very good”. In some exceptional cases, I would be asked 2nd biggest question ‘what job you will do for a living “or similar question. My instant answer was “A Nurse”. As I used to visit hospitals with my mom in my childhood for a regular medical check-up, I would fantasize myself wearing the white apron, and the cap like the nurses did there.  I was impressed by the dresses they wore and the way they handled the patients. That was the nicest job I ever knew. I had no clue about how to become one and what works they did except wearing the clean and white beautiful dresses and in some cases Saree as well. I did not know if I would love the job’s responsibilities of a nurse. After SLC (SEE at present), I gave entrance for Staff Nurse in Government Hospital with full excitement after getting the information from my Chimeki dd (neighbour). Unfortunately, I did not get through the entrance examination. And that was the end.  I was devastated as I felt like there were no other options that I opt for. I felt like I didn’t have any direction to go forward on that day. However, I had to continue studying and following with the trend; I joined my +2 (high school) without picturing what would I become after studying this.  I was just focused on my studies without having any particular destination.

One day, I got sick and was hospitalized for a week. That moment became the game changer of my life. I realized that the job that impressed me during my childhood was not the one I would enjoy. My values, my interest, and abilities were different from that a successful nurse should have. That day I realized, if I were a Nurse, it would be so difficult to do my duty during the night shift.  It would be monotonous to follow the same routine every day.  I could not imagine successful and happy me if I were a Nurse. I silently thanked God for having not passed the entrance examination. 

Even more doubtful than ever, I questioned myself, “What job best fits me then?”. Instead of browsing regular social media that day, I googled how a person finds the best-fitted career. Upon research, I found the Psychometric Assessments. I looked if there are any such assessments designed for Nepal, and Bingo, Career Disha Nepal has it. Yes, youths, you can discover what is the best for you by knowing who you are, what your interests are, what career is best for you based on the personalities you have, what educational track or training you need to become that ideal yourself through this Psychometric Assessment Test that too with just Rs. 200. There are abundant opportunities in Nepal that need to be explored.

Psychometric Assessment is quite a new term in Nepal. However, in Europe and America, it is mandatory for the last many decades. Career Disha Nepal teams are working to help Nepali youth to find individual inbred potentials through online and offline Psychometric Assessment all over Nepal. I would say Psychometric Assessment is the blueprint of who you are, your personality, interest and how far you can go. Psychometric Assessment is the single psychological tool in Nepal that helps individual to reflect themselves precisely who they are.

We can use this Assessment in various settings, and youths use it to test their personalities, professional interests, and vocational interests through the Assessment. There are altogether four segments one has to give responses to according to their interest and how they react to a different situation(s). The system then analyses the filled information and shows the individuals’ personality profile and the matching jobs for the same. It gives out the individual profile along with the matching jobs and required educational information or training for each recommended professions.

Before you go for the board examination test, PLEASE take your life test and explore the best of you, the best options for you and hence the best educational track to reach there. In brief, Psychometric Assessment designed by CDN helps you to:

1.    Find out the individual personality

2.    Understand self-better

3.    Find out potential career paths

4.    Pick the right education and career

5.     Enhance the potential

6.    Find out the list of interest

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